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What To Expect From PHP7
Very insightful, excellent coverage of new features with good examples of usage. Very enthusiastic speaker, clearly enjoys what she does. Brilliant and shameless plugs about her consultancy work. Thoroughly enjoyed.
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Mentoring: Change the World One Hour at a Time
This talk looked like it was going to be advise on how to be a good mentor, providing tips and techniques on what makes a good mentor. This was very different from what this talk was actually about. The talk itself was not that bad although I felt like a couple of minutes on google and I could have found most of the information in the talk such as the tools and platforms.
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MySQL 5.7 + JSON
The best non-key note talk of the conference. Very good presentation style, relaxed but confident. Great technical understanding and good coverage of the important topics. Brilliant question answering, kept things light-hearted while informative

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