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Using a Monolithic Repository Strategy
While the delivery of the talk was fine, it was absolutely not appropriate for a keynote. I was sitting at a table with a lot of entry-level folks, and they were completely lost, both from the technical angle and why this might even be relevant to them.
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Building a REST API in Lumen You'll Love to See
I'm torn about how to rate this because maybe it was my misunderstanding that led to me attending this talk; at the very least, I think the presenter should clarify the title and talk description better. Given that this was listed as being in the "Intermediate" track, I was expecting a talk for people who are comfortable with API design and who'd like to learn about how Laravel/Lumen will help them ship a clean and easy-to-use API quickly. Instead, what we got was REST 101 with a little bit of Lumen info tacked on at the end. As someone whose bread-and-butter is API design, this was too basic for me to get anything useful out of, but perhaps it would be useful to people who are more entry-level.
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Tech for the People: Using our Superpowers for Good
Awesome keynote and a great way to end the conference. Like a few others have said, I'm pushing to make viewing this a part of on-boarding all new developers at our organization.
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Working on a Large Federal Web Application
A nice intro to what it's like to work at a web dev company that does contract work for the US government. I particularly liked the focus on what it was like to switch to more of an agile workflow. The technical content was a little thin; I don't remember much beyond "this is the stack that we used". I would've loved more examples of concrete technical problems you had to solve. Nice job, though! I always enjoy hearing from local folks at conferences.
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Decouple Your Framework Now, Thank Me Later
Great ideas that just needed a little more fleshing out with stronger examples to really drive the point home. It sounded like Michelangelo had most of the example code he needed but just ran out of time putting everything together at the end, which is understandable given that he was giving 2 brand new presentations at this conference, and on the same day...
Rating: 5 of 5 
Dr Sheldon Cooper Presents: Fun with Flags
I was surprised that there were no Sheldon Cooper gifs, but otherwise it was a great talk. It really made me reexamine our development processes because I learned that several things we were already doing actually could be considered feature flags.

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