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Standardising your world with GrumPHP
Very good Mike. Impressive for a first talk. Very humorous, easy to follow and interesting. And we are definitely inspired to give GrumPHP a try with our team! Also, the demos went very well. Good luck with the next talks!
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Jeroen vd Gulk Growing a development team
I found the topic interesting and relevant, and I thought the presentation was brought with a good sense of humour and honesty. I was happy about how the questions of the public were answered as well. However, before and after the talk you expressed some insecurity about the quality, which was unnecessary. Overall the talk felt personal and easy to follow. Thanks!
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A Hitchhikers guide to ... Docker
Thanks for the talk. I thought it was very interesting and the reference to the hitchhikers guide was a cool touch. I think most of the talk was easy to follow as you tried to aim at people who can experience servers and stuff as a "grey area". Sometimes some explanations of what Docker is capable of was still a little complex to me, but the demo after the talk helped me to get a concrete idea of the basics and that is enough to get me started!
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Level up your team
Thanks for the talk. You have a lot of great ideas and examples on how to keep a learning atmosphere going within a team or a company. You speak with ease and have some interaction with the audience, which I liked. I think the concepts you were talking of are always very relevent to keep hearing them, not only for team leads (if you have them) but for everyone involved in a team or interacting with a team.
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The Creative Developer
Thanks for the talk Renato. I found the topic interesting and relevant, we need to hear this kind of things every now and then for waking up! I found the first part of the talk harder to understand because I did not grasp the relevance to the topic yet, but the gorrilla-movie was a turning point when it all came together. Maybe you can point out what "cognitive biases" mean in the intro and quickly tell us why it directly influences creativity. But at the same time I did like the effect of confusion at first and the big "Aha!"-moment later.
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Application metrics with StatsD
This talk had a very interesting topic, that could be useful in many areas and is therefore suitable for a larger public. Dennis explained all concepts in a constructive way, so that both people with more and less knowledge should be able to follow and understand. The structure of the talk was good, and later the demo gave more insight on the possibilities and benefits of StatsD.

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