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Abstracting conditional statements
Great talk about refactoring various conditionals into more readable and maintainable code. Ljubo's presentation was clear, concise, and to the point, yet with just the right amount of explanatory examples of potential use cases. Delivered in very good English with clear and understandable diction.
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Call Go from PHP for speed and performance
Nice presentation on Go lang features and speed! Very few people attended, unfortunately. SAD.
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Auto updated Test Environments with large databases
Zoran gave a great talk, outlining the process he used to solve the problem he was facing - manipulating large data sets and using them to seed test environment for the service his team was building. Clearly describing the background and presenting the audience with context, presenter set the scene for a more detailed walk-through of the processes he and his team needed to implement in order to overcome obstacles that were no laughing matter - from manipulating DB dumps several GBs in size originating from DBs they had not control over, processing them in order to preserve and protect sensitive private data, to handling and unbelievably optimizing import process of dump files into testing environment, cutting the time required from over 24 hours down to just a few. The talk inspired a great discussion afterwards, with all of the participants offering their own views on the matter and giving various invaluable advice from their own similar experiences on how to best solve similar problems with respect to the scale of one Zoran presented.
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Intro to EventSourcing and CQRS
This was a rather nice intro talk to the ES/CQRS, but still assumed at least some knowledge and understanding of somewhat non-trivial concepts, such as domain, value objects, DI, etc. While CQRS/ES are not the easiest concepts to understand, Miro explained them in a rather clear and beginner friendly way, doing his best to break things down just enough using common examples and contrasting the technique to classic, well known CRUD approach. While the presentation could benefit from some additional improvements in terms of introducing some graphical representations, such as diagrams for better understanding the work- and dataflow, and depicting in a more clear way the differences between the classical CRUD system in comparison with CQRS/ES approach, we must bear in mind that the presentation was done in a rather fixed time frame. The subject presented in this talk is very broad and deep, and cannot possibly be covered whole in one talk. The presentation of selected of smaller subtopics was great, and in my opinion could be improved by adding some afore mentioned graphical elements.
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Faster I/O on Docker for Mac. Fact or fiction?
Great talk with some nice examples and insights. Presented in a clear English. Some stage fright was noticeable, but for a first time presenter, I think it went pretty great! Looking forward to more talks by Matija :)
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The Framework is Dead
Great talk on the subject of framework choice. Gave some interesting suggestions on the matter of framework choice, and what a framework really is and should be. Delivered in near perfect English :) The concepts of no-framework framework and components composability based on PSRs stirred things up a bit, which was actually great, because it gave some momentum for the panel discussion that followed. Although a somewhat advanced topic, it provided valuable insights into the world of frameworks and what to actually expect of them.
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Panel discussion: Frameworks
Panelists explained what frameworks they use(d) and why, giving valuable insights into various reasons behind their decisions, both for past projects and present. From creating their own frameworks, to using popular ones, they tried to explain that there's always just one correct answer: "it depends®©™". Just like the talk that preceded, the panel covered somewhat advanced topics, but just enough for most of the audience to be able to take part and be involved with questions.
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Xdebug - It's easy, Mkay
Pretty nice talk explaining some of the benefits of using Xdebug, and clarifying some of the issues users commonly have when setting it up. Although the talk was informative, I opine that it would be greatly beneficial to include more code examples in various use cases, and perhaps try to incorporate a live debug session to demonstrate the topics presented during this 40 minute talk.
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State in a stateless world
An advanced topic covered in a clear and accessible manner, using simple, everyday real life examples everyone could understand and relate to. Although some of the code samples presented were (somewhat) advanced, accompanying graphs, explanations and examples made them quite clear and comprehensible even to those not versed in OOP and/or Symfony fw. Even bigger takeaway was the actual idea and the concept of using state pattern and state machines, which, in my opinion, is far more important that the implementation in two packages mentioned in the talk, because it exposed the audience (me at least) to a new way of thinking about this class of problems. Great job!

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