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The Stateful ElePHPant
Thanks for the talk, it really got me interested in the topic. Turns out it's a lot more useful and easier than I had thought. Delivery was also good, I had no problems hearing you and following what you were saying. I did have some problems with seeing code on the screen, probably because I was sitting too far. Also I think you might have skipped some of the stuff about silex and twig, including live coding html that was really related to the subject of the talk (but at least you typed quite fast, so it was bearable). I did like though how you engaged the audience in XP bug searching -- nothing worse than a presenter stuck debugging live-coding session. All in all it was definitely worth attending and big thanks for sharing the knowledge!
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Future Is A Thing Of The Past
well-presented and insightful. Speaker was going really fast, but fortunately I had some coffee beforehand.
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Delivered with a lot of good energy, information-packed and useful.
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Making the Most Out of MySQL
very useful, since I haven't worked with MySQL in a while.
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Build Your Own Recommendation Engine With NEO4J and RECO4PHP
I liked the topic, but sitting in back i could not really understand what the speaker was talking(combination of his accent and reverb in the room).
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The State Of Content Management
sadly I've learned nothing there. I would appreciate some feature comparisons or use cases...

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