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Intro to EventSourcing and CQRS
Great talk! This really is the topic I'm interested in learning more about. I am still missing that one example that will break my understanding of the approach as overengineering. Even though I do believe it's highly scalable and easy once you start, I'd like to see a real life example implemented both ways and actual problem solved easier with ES / CQRS than CRUD, so I can wrap my mind around it. Maybe format code on slides better (spaces, brackets ...)
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Faster I/O on Docker for Mac. Fact or fiction?
Very interesting and helpful talk, Matija described problems with Docker on Mac, told us how we can fix it and gave an example. Try to face the audience as much as possible instead of looking the slides. Great delivery for your first talk! Looking forward to hear more talks from Matija :)
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The Framework is Dead
Even though the title was a clickbait (attendbait?) I wasn't disappointed! Topic is relevant to every developer, not only PHP and it was great intro for the panel discussion. I loved the way Bruno dived into the topic describing the shield and features he expects from his shield. Example with a wheel is also a great way to understand what Bruno was trying to say. Even though this topic is a little bit more advanced and not every developer would understand it, it's awesome how nobody in the audience was against the idea of 'no framework framework'!
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Panel discussion: Frameworks
Panelists were regional experts and I'm happy to hear their opinion and experience on the topic. Clearly not all panellists were sharing completely same views and they expressed what they think. There was few great questions from the audience and I really hope this panel discussion thing will repeat on next ZgPHP meetups. As always, the answer on question "Should I use framework?" is "it depends". I've learned a new phrase: "It's not free as in free beer, but it's free as in free puppy" :D
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Better PHP Enum Support
I really liked how Marijan explained the difference between constants and enums. I've realized that using enums in this way can be really useful. Looking forward seeing how Marijan will develop his library, especially Doctrine and Symfony Forms support!??
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Documenting APIs with Swagger
I liked tips and tricks how to keep Swagger models re-usable and granular. API Platform sounds really interesting and I'd like to hear more about it sometimes :) Ante was well prepared and I liked his presentation style and jokes. Hope to hear more talks from Ante!

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