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Extracting wisdom from stupidity
Enjoyed the talk. Found it very inspiring and I'm intended to look more into the subject - we already ordered some of the recommended books ^^
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Mutation Testing in PHP with Humbug
The talk kinda missed the point for me. I needed the explanation from a colleague before I got what Mutation Testing actually was about. And explaining how to install tools and all the options felt a little like a filler. Those are things I can look up easily on the web myself, the presentations are - imho - more about talking about basics and/or explaining the theory more into depth. This talk kinda expected the attendees had some basic knowledge about MT and explained (too) much about the tools used. I did enjoy the little pacman progression at the bottom ^^
Rating: 3 of 5 
The IoC Hydra
The first half of the talk was very interesting. Really enjoyed the visualisation and examples shown of the difference between DI, Events and AOP. But after that I was expecting to see some more examples for how to use them correctly - especially how to use AOP and/or Events, since DI is more like the standard approach. Or maybe telling more about when to use what approach. But in the end it was more about how the DI in Symfony2 is handled and can be setup. But being a daily Symfony2 user, that part was not very interesting anymore. So first half was a 4 thumbs-up, second half was more 2,5 :P
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Unglue all the things!
For me it was more an introduction into the world of PSR, heared about it but never really looked into it. I did had some different expectations about the talk, the whole framework agnostic didn't really fit with the work I'm currently doing - I'm not bothered with the Symfony Bundles, for instance. I did understand why it could bother someone like the speaker, but it had no connection with me. I did enjoy the whole talk, since it was presented in a clear and structured way. It triggered me to check out other stuff like Puli and such... So thanks for the talk.
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How I Built A Video Game using Event Sourcing
Really enjoyed the talk (especially since I'm currently also toying a little with game-development in Unity). I had no clue that it would be about Unity (seeing that it was a talk on a PHP-focused confention) - but it didn't bothered me. And seeing the huge crowd, it didn't bothered other people either ^^ I did enjoy the brief explanation about how Unity works and the whole component-based structure, but I didn't see the connection with the Event Sourcing there. I would suggest to drop that part and explain a little more about the game-flow. How the game plays aka remembers the different steps taken by different players. And the replay ( game.Apply() ) was a quick example that showed the power of Event Sourcing. And up until the end I was waiting for a demo showing the actual game ^^
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How We Talk About Tech
Very entertaining closing keynote. Very skilled speaker, that's obvious ^^ I did get lost a couple of times during the talk, but in the end all the different parts came together. Really enjoyed the final build-up with the flyers and 10-steps-to-success. One remark, you might consider putting some background-color (block) behind the white text on the slides. Sometimes the text was very hard to read/see.

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