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TDD Is Dead, Long Live TDD
Good talk and interesting points on the history of the TDD approach and what it means. The demo was nice to see an actual "real life" case, albeit maybe a bit too long.
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How To Avoid Database Migration Hell
Too much of the talk was leaning towards the basic of "how to make a migration" or "how to make a seed" which seemed to be pitching at a too basic level considering the people who would attend a talk with this title. The latter half was more interesting on the scope of how you can use specific types of Seeder classes, other DB pitfalls and ways out of them. More of that would be great! A monotonous / rushed tone of voice made it tricky to follow at times. Remember: breathe. A bit of an overuse of the term "I think" too. It's nice to hear an authoritative tone of voice, as it gives the feeling the speaker knows what they're on about.
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No Excuse User Research
Really interesting talk with useful points and a great insight on no-brainer usability testing. Clearly delivered and explained.
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Build Your Own Recommendation Engine With NEO4J and RECO4PHP
A really interesting subject considering the numbers of people in the room who had never heard / used Neo4j before. The demo could have been a bit slicker rather than watching queries being typed in, but the examples provided were very useful to visualise what the system is and the power it has. Maybe a bit more focus on how as a Laravel developer we could integrate this into a project would be good to have seen.

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