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Xdebug: Seus problemas acabaram!
Palestra ótima, deu pra pegar bem o conceito/filosofia do Xdebug! Mesmo com pouco tempo, está de parabéns pela palestra.
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A Journey from Hexagonal Architecture to Event Sourcing
That was by far the best talk of event, explained in a clear and precise way how developers could move from a monolithic-spaghetti application to a better code.
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Building Autonomous Services
Even though I arrived late, I could follow up the assignments and the explanation. The examples were precise and concise made us think about what belongs to what bounded context... Just left the workshop with a lot of stuff to think about and refactoring to do in the used code. Also thumbs up to invite the participants present their solution in front of the class building a great environment for sharing and learning.
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JavaScript State of the Union
Nice time travel on how javascript ecosystem has been evolving before/since jQuery. Good info about how to fill the gap between "jQuery" developers to pure/modern javascript libraries.
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Crafting Quality PHP Applications
Great talk! Nice examples about how to improve our software quality. Kudos to the mention of mutation test framework!

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