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Pragmatic TDD
Very good introduction to TDD, Luka gave us some experience going through an example using TDD, I feel like I learned a lot and can't wait to try it at work. The only thing was that sometimes I couldn't listen to all the explanations because it was required to write a lot of boilerplate code, I would suggest cutting the amount of boilerplate code the attendees write, limiting it only to the fun part (writing the logic).
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Best practices for crafting high quality PHP apps
Great talk, there was a lot of useful information and a lot of tools and methodologies were mentioned to improve the quality of our web applications. I really liked how everything was covered as an overview without going into too much detail, giving you an understanding of everything and then leaving you to go and research on your own if you are interested on something. If I had to suggest something, it would be to spend more time showing how to refactor code but I think it was impossible given the amount of time available.

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