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Extracting wisdom from stupidity
I loved the story behind using all array functions. The beginning was good and you got me quite excited to hear about the raffler, but then you went into a lot of detail on different ways to think, I found this a lot less interesting and detracted on the awesome job you did with the raffler. Maybe I was too hungover to properly follow...
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Paradoxes and theorems every developer should know
Good talk with different content. only criticism is I struggled to follow the card example, it wasn't clear the point was to disprove the rule on the slide.
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Exploiting the Brain for Fun & Profit
Good talk, quite involving that stopped me yawning like other talks. on a few slides, all the points appeared really fast and was harder to digest than if it can come slower - though this worked for the information overload slide.
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The Creative Developer
Really enjoyed this talk, was a good one for the last slot at the conference.

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