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The Science of Code Reviews
Great talk about code reviews. Especially the part were you talked about ego less programming.
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Dungeons, Dragons & Developers
It is a great talk and a great subject! But for a non DnD player the DnD part was a bit long. Maybe you could go a little bit more in depth on how to deal with the problems, like the Rogue wandering of
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Get GOing with a new language
Nice introduction into Go. It would be interesting to do workshop or something. Oh, and more GIFs!
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Looking after your Mental Health, a guide for software developers
I said it before it's a great talk. And great to get the subject out there. Maybe you could spend less time at your story and focus more on what you do today to prevent your issues?
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Git Legit
A great talk which a lot of developers should see :) keep it up!

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