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Open Teams
Cal at his best. Inspiring and entertaining talk.
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Designing URL Schemes and REST Interfaces
Zur Info, ich warte noch immer auf eine Antwort von SlideShare bezüglich meiner kaputten hochgeladenen Präsentation. Wenn die endlich mal aus dem Quark kommen, kann ich auch die Slides verlinken.
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HiPHoP for PHP
Fun talk, covered all important aspects, good slides, hands-on example and plenty of good Q&A.
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An Introduction to MapReduce
Slides are coming as soon as Slideshare has fixed their month-old bug that breaks presentations with duplicate names...
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Large-Scale Data Processing with Hadoop and PHP
Thanks for the suggestion Daniel, that's a good idea. I actually had a few such ecosystem overview slides at some point but dropped them. Will adjust for the next iteration.
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How the Web Evolves with Hypermedia
Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Jörg: should the topic have been a little less technical you mean?
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Large-Scale Data Processing with Hadoop and PHP
Thank you all for being so patient during the hiccups in the demo. The problem was that Hadoop bound itself to the wireless network interface on startup (it has a few bugs in that regard, especially when binding to and the active firewall prevented the local task tracker instances from correctly connecting back to the job tracker to finish the reduction process. I had to disable the wireless interface (or stop the firewall) and restart all Hadoop processes to get it working again, but that of course cost a few minutes of valuable demo time so I was not able to show off how easy it is to add a second computer to my one-machine "cluster" to pretty much double performance. Apologies again for not immediately identifying the active Wi-Fi, definitely took me too long to catch the problem. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the talk regardless :) Slides are now up, too.
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How The Web Evolves With Hypermedia
Sorry to hear that some of you found it light on content. Maybe it wasn't clear enough that the talk was supposed to merely inspire, as a keynote should, and not provide deep content. Curiously, when I gave it at another conference a few months ago (as a keynote as well), some people remarked that it had been too detailed and technical for a keynote :) Regarding the media type versioning, I can assure you that what I presented is the one correct and widely accepted way of dealing with the problem. If someone says otherwise (e.g. by suggesting you should version through URLs or something like that), they are plainly wrong, which is unfortunately an altogether too common situation even these days where a lot of people claim to know REST when in fact they don't...
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Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services
Miro, I realize there are talks and people out there who say things like "REST is not about strict rules" or that you can make up your own style and that an API is great and RESTful as long as it solves your problems. Roy Fielding says (here: http://roy.gbiv.com/untangled/2008/rest-apis-must-be-hypertext-driven) the following about the matter: "[...] if the engine of application state (and hence the API) is not being driven by hypertext, then it cannot be RESTful and cannot be a REST API. Period." And he should know, since he coined the term REST :)
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Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services
Anonymous, Lineke and others: thanks for the feedback! Which parts would you say I could cut? I keep adding slides and information to this talk without ever really removing anything. It barely fits into an hour now, let alone 45 minutes, so I've been meaning to trim some of the content, but I'm not sure which parts are negligible enough to warrant removal.
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Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services
Slide link fixed, Clément, the http:// prefix was missing for some reason.
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Big Data, Metrics Collection and Analytics
It was not supposed to be the same talk about only Hadoop, Tom :) But yes, there's so much stuff to talk about and so little time... :(
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Surviving a Prime Time TV Commercial
Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Sounds like I need to trim out some content for a 45 minute slot - the talk was 43 minutes long!
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Elephants In The Clouds: Mastering PHP On Heroku
Thanks for the feedback, anonymous. The repo is a good point. A local cache, like a pre-configured VM, is usually too much of a pain. Some Wifi networks fully isolate clients from one another, and when I brought VMs to tutorials in the past, there was always users that did not have VirtualBox installed or, if they did, then encountered networking trouble etc. Architecture and scaling aspects are duly noted; will take this into account for the next iteration. Thanks!
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Kafka will get the message across, guaranteed
Thank you all for your feedback! I'll definitely incorporate a comparison with AMQP, MQTT, PubSub etc. for a future iteration, at least for session formats that allow it time wise (can't always do it all within 40 minutes unfortunately). Slides with a few fixes and additions are now in the details too. Enjoy!
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I saw the future, and its web servers were written in PHP
Yup Frederick, fixed in the uploaded slides - my TextMate2 "copy as RTF" bundle was broken.

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