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Knowing your state machines
Good introduction of graph theory and then fine overview of the Symfony workflow component. Good delivered, don't worry about your dry throat :)
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The everyday basics of Caching and Performance
To give some feedback back to the raters: Yes, this talk is intended as a very beginners one, for newcomers but also for experienced developers which have never thought about caching. It showed all the aspects of the four big players in caching, introduced libs, and how you can set headers e.g. for browser and proxy caching. If you were experienced with caching already, of course you will learn nothing new ;) But yes @Szymon, I could add more real life examples or maybe also do some live profiling (recorded) of the code before and after an improvement.
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The everyday basics of Caching and Performance
P.S.: Yes, my English was not the best on this day. It was late and I got really nervous because of the big audience. It was my first time with such many attendees.
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Bridging the designer-developer gap
Thanks for the great overview of all the tools for collaboration and the insights how designers work. Even if we are developers, we should know how other departments work (on the surface). Especially helpful if you're a freelance developer and searching for a way to work together with other freelance designer in customer projects :D

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