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PSR-6 & Symfony Cache: fast by standards
Very clear and interesting, as usual.
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Knowing your state machines
A really good introduction to state machines and workflows.
Rating: 4 of 5 
A CQRS and Event Sourcing approach in a Symfony application
One of the first PHP examples I've seen about CQRS and event sourcing. This was really good, clear and interesting. Maybe a little hard to digest for DDD for beginners. Would have been easier to read with larger fonts and YML services.
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How I learned to Stop Wiring and Love Autowiring Containers
I don't do RAD and I don't have problems with the configuration files, so I'm not fan at all of autowiring. But the talk was brillant, clear and really interesting.
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Soup up Symfony - Keep PHP Alive Between Requests
Really nice talk, awesome analogy. I only missed the comparison with a standard Symfony app. The memory leak topic could have a dedicated talk by itself. For those interested by memory leaks I recommend to look at https://github.com/bitone/php-meminfo and https://speakerdeck.com/bitone/hunting-down-memory-leaks-with-php-meminfo. Please English speakers, just slow down a tiny bit for non native :)

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