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Jenkins deployment pipeline
Not really useful or detailed, compared to the capabilities that jenkins provides. Especially the the demonstrated way of deployment, rsync'ing a tarball, was really painful. There are really a lot of ways for improvements (e.g. git deployment, apache ant, parallelization, etc).
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Make your code do your job
Thank you very much for this, IMHO, best talk at the whole event. Every PHP developer should should absorb and deepen his or her knowledge about such topics. It is great to here, PHP is developing in such a direction.
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Making your applications work together through interoperability
Also one of the best talks at the event. Really interesting topic/issue, nearly every web-developer has to deal with.
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Handling 10k Requests/second With Symfony and Varnish
Really informative talk, also for people who already uses varnish within their projects. Useful code snippets and really professional and pleasant speaker.

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