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Using Open Source for Fun and Profit
Inspring story! Great talk geared at people of every level with a huge amount of relatable subjects
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Expect the un-expected: How to handle errors gracefully
Excellent talk with great real world examples! I particularly liked how you filled in some saved time with a quick demo of Kibana
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Connecting people - Identity in your platform
Interesting and insightful talk! I particularly liked the interaction with the attendees. Also creative idea to wrap up with a to-do list :)
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Behat for characterisation on tests
The subject of testing can be a bit stale at times, but Michael presented the subject in a very clear, informative and even enjoyable way. Very good talk! I think the situation of “application or workspace without tests” is all to common. I therefore reckon that this talk could be converted to a tutorial format and would have a great reach within the community.
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Technically DDD
Very clear and entertaining talk. I particularly like how you had meaningful interaction with the audience. The way you mix in humourous interaction with the audience really distinguishes you from other speakers. Keep up the good work!
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The developer's model for talking to managers
I always appreciate the way Pim has meaningful interaction with audience. This couldn't be more true for this talk. The way Pim interacted with the audience added a whole new dimension to the information he was sharing. Conveying information in a clear manner is a special skill, but being able to convey information and then demonstrating the information in a perfect manner is a skill which is nearly extinct. For this reason I really recommend every developer should attend this talk when they have the opportunity to. I didn't check my phone or watch a single time during the talk. I think this is a pretty clear talk for a brilliant talk. This is opening keynote material. This way Pim can act as an inspirator for an even greater audience!
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Object reorientation
I would argue that the subject of the talk was more about preventing bugs due to state change rather than writing code which is easier to understand than others. Nonetheless, very practical information and acts as a good refresher. Also interesting tips like using factories for value objects. Please don't be put off by the talk being received as a beginner talk instead of intermediate. I'm sure you have taught new things to fair majority of the audience which makes your talk very worthwhile and valuable!

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