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Functional structures in PHP
Functional programming is a great topic, since this talk was the only one with that topic a lot attention was draw to non-experienced functional programmers like me. For me it was really hard to understand the subject. I think the talk could use a short introduction on what problems there are and how the Phunkie repo solves these. Speaker was great and passionate about the topic!
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CQRS & event sourcing in the wild
Great talk! I love the fact you clearly explained the pitfalls of the event sourcing process. Got some good pointers on how to approach issue we are experiencing right now!
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All aboard the Service Bus
Great talk, explained the the service bus really good. Nice pace and good english. To make it 5 points I would add a bit more emphasis on why we need to use Service busses. Maybe some examples on how this fits into the codebase.
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Moving from legacy to event-driven with Kafka
Great talk very recognizable. As a Kafka enthousiast I would like to see more Kafka instead of in the end. That would make it a 5/5
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Are you out of memory, or have plenty to spare?
Great talk, nice way of making a complex thing really simple. Good job!

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