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Pentesting Do’s and Dont’s
A good workshop, Clinton is very knowledgeable. I personally would have liked a bit more of a hands-on workshop, but that probably wouldn't have worked as well for those who have had less exposure to the tools used. I think overall, Clinton found a good balance for everyone to get them introduced to the processes and tools used by the pen-testing community.
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Getting started with ReactPHP – Pushing real-time data to the browser
Great session and a good introduction to ReactPHP. Christian did a good job covering the concepts behind it and showing how they applied to ReactPHP in a practical way. I came away from the session wanting to explore it more an d use it in a future project.
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SQL, NoSQL and Beyond
Lorna is a seasoned speaker and always provides engaging, well-structured talks. This particular talk, she did a great job covering various use cases and functionality of PostgreSQL, Redis, CouchDB. There was enough information there to allow anyone new to these systems to go away accurately research them.
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State in a Stateless World
A nice introduction to state-machines, Luka did a good job of taking an abstract concept and explaining it in a practical way with the door example and the symfony/workflow package. I think it would have been useful to see some more practical examples using a functional application.
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Looking After Your Mental Health, a Guide for Software Developers
Really enjoyed the talk, Mark brought his own personal stories to it which is a nice way to add the human aspect to it. Mark was also informative throughout the process providing statistics and info on how to find personal help and how employers can also provide help.
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The Security Code Review guide
The talk mostly felt like an overview of the OWASP Top 10 and examples of how they apply to PHP. I think it would have been useful to see more practical examples of implementing Secure Code Reviews and how they might fit into existing organisations and processes. Some examples of DREAD and CVSS in use would have been useful too, with an overview of how each metric is evaluated. Nicola did a great job of presenting the information in an engaging way though.
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Introduction to Cynefin (keynote)
Pretty much what everyone else has said before me - Engaging and great talk from Liz. It has made me curious enough to look more into Cynefin.

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