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I am good at JavaScript, I swear.
It really reminded me of the struggles I had faced in the past. And how much I felt like loser when I joined a team which used unfamilar technologies. Glad to be reinforced that I am not the only one and others share the pain :)
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Building Chatbots with JavaScript
From an honest opinion, I felt this talk could have been better suited as a live code-along. Also I wished the presenter did not spend so much time talking about her company and herself. It felt very much like a talk about Cisco than building chatbots.
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Test like it's 2017
This was a great talk, short, entertaining, full of information and good points to apply. He sold Jest very well. Too bad we already use Jest ;)
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How much performance can you get out of JavaScript?
I did not expect this level of detailed information. I learned a lot and now eager to try emscripten :)

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