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Introduction to Rust
Wow! What a well-polished presentation! I felt like I was drinking from a fire-hose, and loving every minute of it!
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Present Like A Pro - The Next 10 Tips for Owning the Room
Phenomenal! This may have been my favorite talk from the entire conference! Who would have thought that I would go to a developer conference and learn about becoming a better public speaker!
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Mythbusting: Big Foot, Essential Oils and Design Thinking
Great talk! We need more design-oriented talks at OpenWest. I appreciate how each point was backed up by research, and it was fun how the talk was presented as a game.
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Scheme: the reason your programming language has any redeeming qualities at all
Erik, great job! I love your presentation style! It's so accessible. It's like sitting down to have an enjoyable conversation with a friend, and learn hard-core functional programming at the same time!
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JavaScript the Good-er Parts
Thank you for the feedback. You can find the slides on my github repo: When I have a chance, maybe I'll upload them to SlideShare. That's probably a better way to share them.

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