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Climbing the Abstract Syntax Tree
Very good talk with an easy to understand explanation of things. There were a few super tiny errors, and I think that it should be made clearer why an AST is so much better than operating on a token stream directly (e.g. revisiting of nodes, attaching extra info, down/up optimizations, etc.).
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Code Manifesto
Very good talk on a topic that is very important, incl. some funny moments (like developer salaries, which are super high in US but not so much in EU).
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Static Optimization of PHP Bytecode
Very good talk that I was looking forward to, and I wasn't disappointed. Nikic was able to break down a very complex topic to a level that pretty much everyone is able to understand. The pace was to slow for my taste, but I am certain that it was perfect for the majority, and allowed everyone to follow easily.
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Modern PHP Standards and Community
The presentation skills of Ben were good, but the talk itself (content) was way too basic and outdated.
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GIT - How to unfuck
Nice presentation (Lego FTW), and great presentation skills of the speaker (very engaging). Some of the presented git commands and options where new to me. Hence, the talk might be targeted at beginners, but it contains things that are of interest to advanced users as well.

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