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JWT - To authentication & beyond!
JWT were explained from the very beginning to the the practical usage. The speech was easy to listen and understand, the examples and slides were great.
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Monitoring applications - evolve from text logs to extensive automatic monitoring
The speech should be good for people, who want to work with logs a bit wiser. Sven, you've shown examples of the logs collecting configuration, but not the metrics configuration. I think adding some examples of the very basic triggers comfiguration in the tool you prefer will give your talk greater call to action effect. For example, you may show how to configure trigger that catches fatals from logs.
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Year with event sourcing and CQRS
Great talk with dynamic slides and good experience on the background.
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Dependency Injection and Dependency Inversion in PHP
Great step-by-step digging into the reasons for DI and profits of it. Slides were informative, the code was self-explainatory and easy to understand.
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The Big "Why equal doesn't equal" Quiz
In case you've not attended the event, open the presentation and try to answer the questions without googling. Be fair to yourself and you will be definitely surprised on how tricky PHP is :)

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