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Keynote: Beyond Code
Enthousiastic speaker, however not having any slides or any form of visual aid make the talk hard to follow/digest. Sometimes I was completly lost about the goal of the talk. As an attendee I want to learn stuff and be entertained. Since talks should address different knowledge levels, learning new stuff might not always be the case. However providing some entertainment value to make your talk more pleasant, easier to understand and enjoyable is not being done by speech only. Normally I fully support the 'less is more' paradigm, but during this talk it felt unprepared and unstructured. Sorry!
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HTTP/2.0 101 Introduction
First of all I really like ze accent! Secondly the talk was really up to speed and slides were very much supporting. Learned something new and overall very much enjoyed the talk!
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Climbing the Abstract Syntax Tree
Probably the best talk I've ever attended irl. James really succeeded in making complex matter (looking) super simple!

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