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Lean and functional domain modelling
It's a pleasure to listen to Marcello. His energy and knowledge are inspirational and the topic was very interesting. At the end I have to admit I was very much overloaded with information, but that might just be me. Thanks!
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Docker from Development to Production: Streamlining the CI/CD process for the new BALR. e-commerce application
As mentioned before. I was hoping for more details about how they went about doing stuff instead of just what they did.
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Ethical Engineering
Ethics and morality are a topic of interest to me. It was well thought out and I could relate to the contents of the talk very much. A talented speaker as well.
Rating: 4 of 5 
Uncon: ELM: the runtime error killer (frontend)
It got me very much interested in experimenting with ELM. (luckily I don't have to install anything anymore ;).
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43 PhpStorm Tips & Tricks
Really nice, it's always a good thing to get to know your toolbox better.
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Drupal8 for Symfony developers
It was lacking context, just a lot of Drupal8 development details.
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You Don’t Node.js
Very insightful and well presented.

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