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Living With Legacy
This is how to modify a private instance variable from outside of a class:
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How to not be a cool developer
I liked the talk It would cool to have a compare and contrast against rail's turbo links and some of the earlier js libraries that took a similar approach, but not identical approach to this
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Not using the Git Command Line
Git comes with a sourcetree equivalent called gitk granted it's not as nice looking as sourcetree but it is fast + reliable Emacs and sublime with their respective packages also have a good half way house between GUI and cli that I think goes under appreciated in terms of sane defaults and discoverability I like to switch between Terminal, Sublime, VScode, gitk and Fork (similar to sourcetree) at work and it still feels like they all have their strong points, even though they overlap A talk that explores the full ecosystem of git tools and their trade offs/ strengths would be cool, atom for example has a git 'timemachine' with a intresting UI

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