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From POX to HATEOAS, Our Company's Journey to Build a Hypermedia API
Excellent talk, including new material even for me. I'm going to have to look into a few of the practical tools mentioned, like vnd.error and HAL.
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It Was Like That When I Got Here: Steps Toward Modernizing a Legacy Codebase
Very good stage presence, and good material. Modernizing an ugly code base is a challenge, but worth it in the long run (even if the boss doesn't realize it). I disagree that a total rewrite is never the right approach. It's usually the wrong approach, but like everything else there are always exceptions.
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Yes, yes, and yes. Community FTW. Great speaker with good stage presence. Just stop rocking back and forth so much. It's distracting. :-)
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Creating Realtime Applications with PHP and Websockets
Good material, but somewhat uneven presentation. Live demos are always risky, but aside from tools to go look at I don't think we really got a sense for the moving parts we're dealing with. There were too many mentioned.
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Silex: An implementation detail
This talk had the most entertaining slides of any at this conference. :-) The hand drawings were a very nice touch. The content was good and the message important. The only thing that was missing was that the narrative flow didn't quite feel right. As a result, I really understood where it was going only in hindsight, after the "big reveal" of how Silex was layered in at the end. Setting the stage for that earlier (eg, "how do we write all of our business logic before we know what the framework is?") would have really driven the point home better, and reemphasized the loose coupling that it buys.
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Securing your REST API
Good information, but not a great deal I'd not heard before. Delivery was good, but a little dry.
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Didn't I just upgrade to 5.3?
I loved the dive inside the engine, especially the performance optimizations in 5.4. More PHP devs need to understand what's going on under the hood, even if they never touch C code.
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Scaling PHP with HipHop
This was the most useful session of the conference for me (along with Sara's other talk). I went from having no knowledge of or interest in HHVM to thinking it should be the basis of PHP-next. That's quite an achievement! Now if only I could get clients to use it...
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Static Sites With Sculpin
Content was good and Sculpin looks interesting. The delivery needs some work, though. Main thing: Don't be so modest! It's a cool project with good features. Act like it. :-)
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PHP & Enums
First I didn't realize PHP had Enum support. Woo! Then I saw that it was just in PECL. Aww... Then I saw there were composer libraries. Woo! Nice bite-sized talk.
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Functional PHP
MWOP: Can you let me know what code bugs there were? I've had people point out a few in the past but I'm pretty sure I cleared all of them out by now; certainly things like defining a function on a slide and not using it. :-) I agree generators play really nicely with functional style; unfortunately there's only so much that can fit into an hour long talk, or into people's brains at once.
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Talmudic Maxims to Maximize Your Growth as a Software Developer
This was the best session of the conference by a wide margin. Possibly the best session I've attended all year. Moving, meaningful, approachable, practical... *Everyone* should see this talk. Definitely keynote material. Three cheers for the Rabbi!
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Action-Domain-Responder: A Web-Specific Refinement of MVC
Finally, someone else that understands that "MVC" doesn't exist on the web! :-) Great talk. I've noticed a similar pattern in my own work of late, and in Symfony in general, so getting a good terminology around it to help separate from pseudo-MVC is a good thing. Perhaps shorten the lead in a bit at the beginning; we came to hear about ADR, not random software development books.
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Down the Rabbit Hole: Lessons Learned combining Career and Community.
Amen, Reverend! Community is what makes or breaks any technology, and it's good people that build good communities. Cal is definitely one of those good people. :-) Definitely an inspiring talk, and I'm in the process of rewriting one of my own talks as a result. (Damn you for giving me more work.) And MWOP: It's not Cal that made us cry. It's the power of the community. Cal was just a conduit for the awesomeness that is a strong, vibrant community.
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From Zero to Silex
F Stephen: PUT is for update-in-place in an idempotent way. POST is commonly for "create" but generically for any "processing" task. :-) Glad you enjoyed the talk!
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Code Review for Security
I always feel smarter after a session with Anthony. Or dumber in hindsight. :-) Either way, good information very well presented. The main improvement I'd suggest is more targeted examples. Instructions to "review stuff" to find bugs can be overwhelming without further direction.
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Modern SQL
Definitely one of Liz's best talks, both content and energy/delivery. Except it makes me cry that I can't not support MySQL. :-(
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The container is a lie!
Hi Ramon. I hope I didn't give the impression that > Docker always, as that wasn't the intent. Platform, Docker, Flatpack, etc. all use the same underlying tools (namespaces plus abstraction layers) to constrain processes, but do so in different ways that have different pros and cons. Platform's model works really well for production hosting, but I would never try to use it for local one-off tools. Docker excels at local one-off tools, but has limitations when trying to do the kind of hosting that does. For "I want to try out this new server program I've heard about and not pollute my local computer configuration", Docker is probably the best tool available. That doesn't make it the best tool for all things, just as isn't the best container design for all things. That's the point I was trying to make.

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