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Getting More Out Of Git
Thanks for the informative workshop, learned how to use some new git commands that I'm going to start using a lot.
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Engineering a Successful Career Through Failure!
It takes courage to put yourself out there in a candid talk about your life and lessons learned from failures. It's encouraging to hear your story about how determination, building relationships, and genuine hard work paid off. Keep up the great work and I hope to hear more success stories from you in the future.
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Browser Serving Your Web Application Security
Lots of great information on a very important topic, security. I am looking forward to going back over the slides and links to learn more about how to secure my web applications. Thank you!
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Thank You PHP Community, I Owe You so Much
A heartwarming speech, very well said. Thank you for everything!
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Forget accessibility - Think inclusive design
Nic's experience and passion were evident in this memorable talk. Loved the relatable examples of what inclusive design is and it sparked good questions from the audience.

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