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Workflow in real life
Know your audience when giving a talk.
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Making the most out of Symfony Forms
In my opinion this seemed like a code review. I would recommend showing less code and have some text to describe what you want to get to your audience. We could of expanded the collection part as that is the tough part. Overall good but needs work
Rating: 5 of 5 
It's the keynote. Hard to screw this one up. Overall great. On point.
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Building your translation process
Great practical examples. He knew his audience and his copy on the deck was perfect. Good job.
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Dependency Injection Component v4.0
This is how a talk should be. He knew his audience, clear and concise slides, great speaker.
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Doctrine Performance Optimization
She knew her audience and provided useful takeaways. Very much impressed with her talk. Very clear and direct. Good job.

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