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Command and (e)mission Control
Excellent talk, came across well. Only negative(s) is that it was too short (time is against us all), and I would have liked to have seen some working examples (again time constraints). Looking forward to further talks.
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HTTP Caching: Improving Performance & Saving the Ice Caps
A other great talk by Phil. Alot has been learnt again (and yes, I'll be getting his book). Phil likes his slides, and they good and relevant but does fire through them quickly, and sometimes jumps ahead and then back again.
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Zend Form package in action
Jan knows his stuff over Zend forms. I've used Zend in the past, and found his talk very useful, and it's given me some thought of returning back to tinkering again with Zend. Some feedback for Jan; a little bit more practice in giving the talk, so you know which slides are coming up, so it doesn't catch you out, but this is just down to practice where even seasoned talkers fall foul. Again, great talk.
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A Beginners Guide to Laravel from a Laravel Beginner
Excellent talk, and for someone who has only been using Laravel for a small amount of time, has grasped the basics very well. Feedback for Tom; probably a little more explanation on some of the coding, as skipped over a few bits, but this may have been down to time.

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