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Command and (e)mission Control
I really enjoyed the presentation and thought Barney came across very well and naturally, which isn't always the case in tech presentations. As someone completely new to the topic I was very interested and tried to be engaged, but it wasn't clear to me if we were having 3 different ideas put to us, or if it was a sequence of ideas building on the last. Having never seen the Command pattern or Command Bus before I could have used a really solid analogy or illustration of the parts. Definitely plenty to go off and read further though!
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HTTP Caching: Improving Performance & Saving the Ice Caps
I really enjoyed this talk, however probably went into it with the wrong end of things because I came out of it thinking that the whole thing could've been tightly summed up by "HTTP caching's great. Use it.", and couldn't see how as an API provider it showed me much about what I needed to do - but on further thought it was clearer that the talk was very much addressed at API consumers. This was my first time at PHPSW and I was very impressed with the speaker's easy manner, and clear depth of knowledge on the topic. With a little more preparation and fewer distractions from bike accidents (Hope you're OK Phil!) this could be a brilliant talk.

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