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Command and (e)mission Control
The talk was really good, gave a really good insight into events and handling. I would have liked to see a little more introduction on what the talk was about and maybe a little less code displayed on screen (maybe take the comments out), the screen looked a bit busy. Would it be possible to see the code on a GitHub repo so that I can take a closer look?
Rating: 5 of 5 
Build your own Neural Network, with PHP!
It’s one of the best talks I’ve heard on machine learning and it’s definitely more interesting than the whole module I had at uni on the same topic. There was a typo on one of the first few slides on weights. The word strength is missing an h. Maybe a bit of explanation of the math side of things would help, especially those who don’t remember the terminology. The math equations towards the end was a bit overwhelming, so if there’s any way of simplifying them, it would help. Over an excellent talk!

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