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Exploiting the brain for fun and profit
It was a really great talk and I thought it was great to start a tech conference with a talk almost without tech, but one that will help you improve yourself. This is really a talk I'm gonna have to check again when I'm at home and start implementing some changes in my life.
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The Science of Code Reviews
This is really a talk you have to listen at least once. Most of the stuff in this talk is things you already know, but it will help you improve your code reviews (or implement them if you don't have them).
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Don’t work for PHPCS, make PHPCS work for you
Great introduction to PHPCS with some parts just going deep enough so you can get an understanding of them, and can 'deep dive' into them later.
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Tales from the wrong end
Nice personal story you need to hear once.
Rating: 3 of 5 
Learning Machine Learning
Good introduction to different machine learning concepts and a tiny introduction on how to get started with it.

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