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Git Legit
Well done Pauline, you would never guess that this was your first talk. You showed confidence in both your topic as well as yourself. And the risk of choosing this specific topic paid off, there is always room for getting back to the basics. One area where I noticed that you could try to improve, you lost the attention of the audience for 30 seconds or so now and again when switching to/from the demo or after making a good joke. I'm by no means an expert, so take this with a pinch of salt, try to keep the gaps short enough so that the attention can not stray from you. One thing which especially impressed me was your humility, this was clear at many points during your talk. You are proud of what you have learned and are happy to share, and you make clear what you don't know and are eager to learn. I am pretty sure I speak for many for this next statement: I look forward to seeing you present again in the near future! :)
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Progressive Web Apps
Really good talk, thanks very much Mike. :) You come across as a little nervous, perhaps practice more controlled breathing, using pauses for effect and focus on using “umm” less and it would be awesome. Thanks again though, even as a manager in tech I’m tempted to get my hands dirty and create a simple PWA for fun!
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Keynote : The New Revolution
Thanks Samantha, inspiring talk. You brought across in a nice way the responsibility we have as engineers (or those working closely with them) to use what skills/influence we have very wisely for the good of all. It was a bit long but I was engaged throughout as I can easily get taken along in a good story, and just had a cup of coffee.
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Technically DDD
Good talk Pim, thanks very much. I jumped out of another talk for various reasons so I did not catch all unfortunately, I hope to see the full talk sometime soon. You speak very clearly, gamified your talk and have a good sense of humor mixed in, great stuff!

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