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Test Driven Design
I enjoyed this tutorial session very much. I followed along during the live coding session and was able to write unit tests immediately for my own project. Jason demonstrated a deep level of knowledge about unit testing and was a great presenter overall.
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Converting Your MySQL App to NoSQL with MongoDB?
Excellent presentation on MongoDB and all of its advantages and features. Nice dynamic to the talk with allowing the audience to "vote" on 12 different mini-talks. We got through 10 of them. Only criticism is that Kristina said "um" quite a bit :). Don't be nervous, you know this stuff better than almost anyone else!
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Metaprogramming in Ruby
Excellent talk. Provided a good look into some key Ruby introspection abilities and mentioned how some frameworks like Rails and Sinatra use them to produce the "magic" they are known for. I learned a lot about Ruby today because of this talk.
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High traffic website search with Apache Solr
Good summary of Solr and the speaker was knowledgeable about the subject, but the whole presentation was way too short - about 25 minutes - and involved some repetition. The talk seemed targeted at a more business/enterprise level audience and gave no code examples of how to actually use Solr in different situations, so I came away a little disappointed.
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HTML5 as a game console
Awesome talk - very well done and speaker was very knowledgeable about the subject. Gives a good overview and basis of the useful HTML5 and related technologies to use in real world situations and on mobile devices, along with all the benefits and drawbacks of each approach.
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Hypermedia APIs and Self-Building Applications
@Werner Keil - The app was a demo app I built specifically for the presentation. I simply didn't have time to do everything I wanted to do, so I had to settle for simple string translation to demo how you can provide i18n support via the API. The whole purpose was simply to demonstrate how you might use a Hypermedia API to drive the entire app, not to be a fully robust and finished app.
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Hypermedia APIs and Self-Building Applications
@Adina - The GitHub projects are linked from the demo slide in my presentation. The links are: PHP Web API: Titanium Mobile App:
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GitHub: More than Just Code
Great talk, and well presented. I love the idea of using GitHub for even non-code things. Ticket all the things! :) PS: Tacos are WAYYYY better than burrios FYI

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