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Better and Faster: TDD-ing a Ride-Hailing Application w/PHPUnit, Symfony, and Doctrine
The live demonstration of TDD was awesome. I was following along on my own laptop. I'm familiar with TDD but that was probably the first ever hands on experience. Due to the nature of TDD though, at one point I was getting a syntax error with my Doctrine docblock. This made it impossible to follow along, but it was still extremely valuable to watch Chris work through the process. My number one piece of advice is to be more conscious about switching to presenter mode!
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Stop Doing It Wrong
Excellent talk. The energy exuded from the speaker kept the audience, including myself, engaged. Who doesn't like free books being tossed at them? Heh
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Writing Code That Lasts…
Straight to the point with clear take-aways. Code examples made the talk a breeze to follow along.

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