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IoC container beyond constructor injection
Great talk. Good to get a deep dive into the inner workings. Melted my brain a bit, but it really helps to see how some of this stuff works.
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Laravel and the enterprise
Such a fantastic talk. Some really good thoughts well articulated. I'm not in the "Enterprise" world but never the less, a really good reassurance of the capabilities and stability of Laravel. Great to meet you Matt.
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Migrating Legacy PHP Applications to Laravel
Not an approach I'd considered before. Really interesting, good speed walk through the process with some really helpful ideas. Thank you.
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Leveraging Laravel Notifications
Great beginner level intro to a hugely useful Laravel – and probably under utilised – competent of Laravel. Great talk man, you're easy to listen to and great sense of humour. "My mouse is independent of my movement" I'm sure will be the quote of the conference!
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Twelve-Factor Laravel Apps
Always loved Twelve Factor methodology. Alex had some takes that we're a little controversial for me but very important point to take away is disposability. "You're Server Will Die"!
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Customizing Laravel
Was a great talk that actually helped clarify some of the concepts from earlier talks. Very impressive live coding. Thanks man!
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Writing APIs in Lumen
Really good. I'm an advocate for good APIs too, proper use of status codes etc. Will now be pushing for better use of content-type and accept headers too. Well delivered. Thank you.

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