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Generators: All About the Yield
I was able to follow well, but I have the advantage of having dealt with much of this in Python, where generators are more of a norm. And despite that, I still learned things about generators in PHP. What was hard to follow for me was the examples where there was a "yield 'return-val'" mixed with send() calls. It was much clearer to see what was happening with numbers being yielded instead, because it's obvious when "2" and "3" come back, that "1" was lost.
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Understanding Docker for Development
This talk is THE talk I came for. I've always struggled to see what the point of Docker was. "I can run the exact same image in development and production, but if I develop, I will be changing that image, so what's the point?" I've got a much clearer picture of it now.
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Building a GraphQL API In PHP
This was a nice introduction and helped me understand more about implementing GraphQL in PHP. I wish there had been more time to go deeper into implementation details.
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SOLID In Practice
The examples were really good. The email service provider example especially is something that I've had to live through a couple of times.

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