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Massively Scaled High Performance Web Services with PHP
Thanks for the feedbacks from Ann and Ian. Feeling so happy hearing different topics and meeting with so many great people in the PHP community at Cascadia PHP 2018. This was the first time I spoke about our experiences using PHP at Glu, and I'm looking forward to contributing more to the community!
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Building Secure Applications: Threat Modeling for Dummies
Thanks for the great talk from Adam. We are web developers working on things publicly available to almost everyone, and it's always challenging to protect our web applications from attackers in the world every single day. Without proper security measuring, modeling and protection methodologies discussed in the talk, web products are vulnerable even you don't even notice it. Glad to hear about threat modeling and related tools in the speech making our development processes more secure than ever, and brainstorm me while building web services for our products.
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Symfony 4 internals
Great talk! Sample code used in the slides are very well organized to guide the audience to get familiar with Symfony workflow easily. I also like the way how you used breakpoints and other features in Phpstorm to demo the code. The best talk I have seen for developers who what to know how Symfony (and Laravel) applications work in detail. Thanks
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Lost in the Lobby
Thanks for sharing Samantha. Your talk reminded me again to care more about the people around me, especially psychologically.

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Cascadia PHP Sep 14, 2018
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