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Integrating PHP with RabbitMQ
Very solid presentation covering the topic in a way where I can now immediately start using rabbitmq with PHP, but have details on more advanced topics such as high availability.
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Unit testing
fantastic session. these are the types of talks that just teach you about being a better developer through real code examples that evolve towards well thought-out best practices.
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Test Driven Development in PHP
well-executed presentation covering a potentially dry topic in an exciting and engaging way. This almost felt like a workshop where we actively worked through a problem together.
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Excellent coverage of a powerful library. There was a lot of good discussion even after the talk.
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The path to symfony in the USA
great coverage of where symfony has been, where it's going and why. perfect opener to the conference
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Introducing Assetic: Asset Management for PHP 5.3
Kris is a truly comfortable speaker and seems to master the art of presenting a topic from its simple beginning to its more robust conclusion. The fact that the assetic library looks great is a bonus - Kris could teach any topic to an audience.
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Being dangerous with Twig
About the international question, I only didn't answer the question because I didn't know the answer at that moment. It wasn't a refusal, I just didn't have any information to offer. It's definitely an important topic. Talking with a few people, the answer is that if you need localization of the date, *you* should create the localized DateTime object and pass it into your template. If you pass the DateTime object into the filter, Twig will simply use it. So, like much in Twig - put the logic into your controller (not Twig) and it should work fine. So, I hope you still try it out - I think you'll really like it :) P.S. - I think there's a bug in joind.in - I had to rate my own talk to comment :p!
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Alice & Bob: Public Key Cryptography 101
Maybe the best talk of the whole conference! Entertaining, despite a very technical topic. Public private key encryption was finally explained from the absolute ground up - my knowledge increased tremendously!
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Meet Elcodi, the flexible e-commerce components built on Symfony2
Nice intro to the project (without getting too into the rough details). I especially appreciated the philosophy behind things - pragmatism while allowing for expert users to do what they want. One small missing piece may have been the takeaway: should I use Elcodi now or not? Is the use-case all ecommerce sites or something different? I think the ecommerce space is still a bit open for Symfony2 - I'm happy to have the energy and pragmatism from the Elcodi guys working on that :).
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Symfony Tips and Tricks
I was *shocked* by how much of this information was totally new to me! Credit to Javier for being so smart to give an incredibly useful presentation packed with info. He did run short on time, but it was ok - I was already planning to review the slides afterwards to try several of these tricks. Thanks!
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Symfony Guard Authentication: Fun with API Token, Social Login, JWT and more
Sorry for the delay guys, here are the slides! http://www.slideshare.net/weaverryan/symfony-guard-authentication-fun-with-api-token-social-login-jwt-and-more I'll also post them in the correct spot I hadn't claimed this talk until just now :). Thanks for coming everyone! P.S. I had to rate myself to post this... and yes... I shamelessly gave myself a 5....
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Building your translation process
Fantastic talk: incredibly practical and useful as well as entertaining!

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