Real REST is easy with Api Platform

Antonio Peric (12.May.2018 at 11:00, 2 hr )
Workshop at phpDay 2018 (English - UK)

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We'll start by creating a fully-featured API in just a few minutes with API Platform, Symfony and Doctrine. The API will support pagination, data validation, access control, relation embedding, filters and error handling. It will expose many formats (JSON-LD, Hydra, JSONAPI, HAL, JSON, XML, YAML and CSV), will be documented with Swagger/OpenAPI and will have a nice UI done in React. Last but not least, the API will respond in a just few milliseconds thanks to its builtin invalidation based cache mechanism. Then, we will use the ReactJS tools provided by the API Platform to consume the exposed Hydra documentation. In a few more minutes, we will get a Material Design administration interface (a la Sonata / EasyAdmin - but 100% client-side) built with React. Finally, we'll discover 2 nice code generators to bootstrap a SPA (React, Redux and React Router) and iOS and Android mobile apps (React Native).

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Rating: 4 of 5

25.May.2018 at 11:13 by Luca Pattarini (18 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Interesting workshop which brought me closer to the thing. Unfortunately there were some technical issue which forced Antonio to speed up to finish within time schedule. Thank you anyway!

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