New API Version Released: v2.1

We've been working behind the scenes on updating our HTTP web API, and we're delighted to say that these changes are now live. You'll notice a more reliable data structure, updated authentication to support non-anonymous functionality, and improved reliability.

We've introduced some tests using frisby and we're looking forward to adding additional functionality to this improved platform. Please note that this change is incompatible with the previous v2 API, and that the HTTP web service is still in beta. You can read more about how to use the API on the documentation page. We're very interested to hear from anyone consuming or considering this API - please do get in touch!

0 comments | Written 09.Apr.2012 at 16:51 (0) Nominated for Impact Award

We're honoured that has been recognised with a nomination in the php|architect impact awards. These awards look to recognise those projects that are making a difference in the PHP space at the moment.

If you enjoy, you can vote for us! Do make sure to check out all the other nominated projects while you are there, lots of great PHP projects, all in one place.

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Log in to Joind.In with Twitter and Facebook

As always we've been pretty busy over at lately, ironing out kinks in the system and adding new features. One of those features is something that will make a difference to everyone, and it's also something that I've been asked about repeatedly over the last couple of years. We are now using other services for authentication against rather than having to register yet another username and password on yet another site.

If you're not already registered with, then you can sign up through either of those two services and we'll prompt you to add some contact details and a username when you do so. If you're already a user, then you can log in with a twitter account which is already associated with your account, or a facebook account with the same email address on and carry on using your existing account that way.

We hope you like the new features and using as much as we do!

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Event Tagging

We're delighted to announce that now supports event tagging. Having the events tagged means you can see what an event is about, and find other events with a particular tag. Event organisers set the tags for their event, and users of the site can find other events on their chosen topics. Particularly with the audience of the site growing widely in lots of different topic directions, it'll be easier to find interesting events.

We hope you'll enjoy tagging events and searching for similar events on the site!

0 comments | Written 21.Sep.2011 at 20:59 (0) Hosting: Generously Supplied by Combell

In recent weeks the Joind.In project has moved onto a new hosting platform. After launching the project in a quiet corner of the server used to host (both are the brain-child of @enygma), it had somewhat outgrown the resources available to it as more and more people used it for more and bigger events.

The new platform is generously provided by Combell, who are a large Belgian ISP. They are familiar faces (and often sponsors) at technical events in Europe, and we're very happy to have them supporting Joind.In! We now have a dedicated platform for the site, a staging area and a build server, all thanks to the support we have received.

In particular we'd like to thank Thijs Feryn who made it all happen, and of course Combell themselves. You can see their logo in our sidebar and footer, so do check them out.

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Our First Bug Hunt Day!

Last weekend the lovely folk over at PHPBenelux held a Bug Hunt Day - and they included in their supported projects for the day! This was a great way of introducing programmers to the project, and they did a great job of triaging our issue list and tidying up quite a few things. In particular thanks to @skoop and @pderaajj - we were delighted to have the experience of being involved in a Bug Hunt Day with the user group, and it is always a buzz to see new names on our contributors list

Thanks people, see you next time!

Hosting your own bug hunt event and want to find out more about involving Send us an email to and we'll talk!

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Gravatars On!

If you've been visiting the site lately, you may have noticed some little additions in the sidebars of events ... we've got gravatars! Gravatar is a service that links an avatar with your email address; you can find out more over at When you mark yourself as attending, we add the gravatar for the email address you signed up to with to the event page, so you can see who else will be there.

To check if your gravatar is set up, simply log into and click on your username towards the top right hand side of the screen. If you don't see an avatar then set up the email address you use for on gravatar, and remember to mark which events you are attending so people know to look out for you!

0 comments | Written 23.Sep.2010 at 19:17 (0) Mailing Lists Now Open!

Today we've announced something new we hope will help the community as a whole - both on the user side and on the developers side: three new mailing lists targeting the different audiences of the site and project.

The project is proud to announce the creation of three mailing lists. These are to keep all the contributors, users and other interested parties up to date with what is happening with and allow us all to collaborate and share ideas around the project's direction.

The three lists are:

  • joindin-announce for site-related announcements and general happenings
  • joindin-features for general discussion about the site, feature suggestions and talk on the direction of the site
  • joindin-developers is a list for the developers out there working with the source of the project.

    Pick your list (or lists!), and start mailing - we're looking forward to your input!

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Want to keep up with the latest?

If you're trying to keep up with the latest on all things, be sure to check out (and become a fan of!) our site's page on Facebook.

There you can find out more about that's going on with the day to day happenings of the site and more about how you can get involved in the project by giving back to the project.

Word is definitely spreading about the site and the project and more and more events are being added each day! Do you have an even coming up you'd like feedback on? Submit it today!

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Keep Your Speaker Info all in one Place

There's a seldom used feature of the site that's gotten a facelift today - the Speaker Profiles (linked to on the right-hand side of your main user page). The idea behind speaker profiles is to have a centralized place where speakers (or really anyone) can keep contact information and share it with other people or organizations.

Here it is in a nutshell: you define your profile with all of the information you might want to put in there - including things like phone number, blog URL, email address, etc. With that saved, then you can start selecting the access profiles. You can create as many profiles as you'd like so you can give out customized information to as many people as you'd like.

For example, once you've set up your speaker profile, you can create an access profile that might only include the blog URL, email address and full name. Give the profile a name and a "token" value (a unique identifier) and check the boxes for those three values. Simple, right?

So, when it comes time to give the external source your contact information, all you need to do is give them that token and they can call our API and get that information. This allows them to get the most recent information from your profile, but only the fields you decide they need.

You can find a bit more about these speaker profiles on the Manage User Account page of our Help section.

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Splitting out the Sessions (Track Support!)

I'm proud to announce the latest feature for the events here on - track support!

So many of the events that use the site have more than one thing going on at once. They might have different things going on in different rooms or places. Or they could just split thing out by different themes (topics, speaker groups, etc). Before now, all of the sessions were just lumped into one main grouping for the site without a way to split them up. With the new track support, it's easy to assign a track a session and filter the list based on that.

Events can have an many tracks as they want, but for right now, sessions can only have one track associated with them. This is next up on the list to add in, so keep your eyes open. This will let you not only make a definition like "Room #1" for a talk but it can also be in the "Advanced Technologies" track too.

Event admins can find the "Event Tracks" link in their sidebar to get started adding tracks right away. Then you can go into your sessions and add/update them with your tracks. When you have tracks on your event, you'll see a new tab on the even detail with links to them all for filtering down the main list.

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Pulling the API to Use

Following on the heels of the iPhone application being release, two developers have written up posts about it and about using the API to connect their own applications:

  • Lorna Mitchell has her post talking about the application including a bit of information about the site (she's also a developer on the project) and how the iPhone app integrates with it.
  • Derick Rethans went for a slightly different approach and wrote his own interface to our API to pull the latest information about his talks including the talk details and ratings.

Hooking into our API is easy - check out the API's documentation for more information. And, as always, if you have questions on it, you can send us a message and we'll be glad to help out.

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It's Finally Here! The iPhone App!

I hinted at it in my previous post and now it's official - has it's own iPhone application!

Thanks to the hard work from Lorna and Kevin you can now take with you wherever you and you iPhone (or iPod Touch) go. The application lets you view the events and their descriptions as well as the related sessions and their comments. You can also submit comments of your own without ever having to fire up your computer!

You can get the application right now (hot off the line from approval by Apple) and start using it right away. If you have any comments on the app or see any issues, email them over to and we'll take a look!

Thank you all for your support of the site - it's because of it that we've come so far and now have a new way for the world to share their opinions with those putting on the events!

Click here to download the iPhone application

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Big Things are Coming

Keep an eye on this space, there's big things headed your way!

We've been working hard to make this site all it can be and thanks to the wonderful contributions of Lorna Mitchell and Kevin Bowman, might be heading to new frontiers and be even more accessible. Some of you sneaky people out there have had a preview of what we're up to and we thank for you the invaluable response you've given us. The rest of you will just need to be patient - all will be revealed soon!

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Our API Gets an Overhaul

In case you haven't been following along with each and every commit on our github account, let me bring yuo up to speed on some changes that've been released lately - mostly dealing with our public API.

I've been taking advantage of the bit of time off I've had during the holidays to go through the API and do some work that I've meant to do for a long time. The API was usable in the state is was, but it was a little tricky in places. My goal was to take what was there and recharge it and make it much more usable. The basics were there, but it needed fleshing out.

So, back on December 8th, I started with the rework by tackling the first major hurdle - the authentication. I made the move away from a single stop to a more modular, per-action format. This gives it even more flexibility on what's required and any validation that each request might require.

There's also been some new additions to the API with more request types to round things out. You can get a lot more information on a lot more things now and call a generic action (a site status call) to help with testing your connection.

Take all of this and add in the fact that the API now accepts JSON as an input format and you have something that's leaps and bounds over what it was. Check into our API docs for more details on working with the site.

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Keeping it Between Friends

Have an event that you only wanted a certain group to be able to see and use but thought you could only list public ones here on Well, not anymore!

As of just a few minutes ago, I've added the support to make an event private and have an invite-only list to add those allowed. Setting it up is simple:

  • Edit the event - When you edit the event, you'll see there's a new option to make it private or not. When you make an event private, only the event admins and those who are invited can see it and its details.
  • Invite other users - Once you make the event private, you'll see a new item in the admin sidebar: "Invite List". By going here you can see the current invite list and send an invite out to another user. Right now you'll need to know their username to add them, but it'll support the full name soon too.

When the user gets the "you're invited" email, they'll have a link to click on to respond to the invite and will be forwarded to the event.

Hopefully this will help those groups that don't want to leave their events open to the world while still giving them all of the power and flexibility the site has to offer!

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More Feature Fun!

One of the best parts about running a site that's so involved in a community (PHP) is that ideas come from all different points of view about what the site should do. Well, if you're one of those people that want to contribute back to the site, remember that we've gone open source and welcome suggestions and code that way.

Now, on to some of the improvements that have been made - most of these are for the people organizing the events, but there's a few user ones thrown in:

  • Pre-Event Voting - this is the biggie! Previously, conferences were limited to only accepting comments once the event had started. There were some people out there (like a certain unconference chair I know) that wanted the ability to post talk suggestions and allow people to vote on them ahead of time. So, I've introduced a system to do just that - once you've marked yourself as attending (yes, you'll need to register) you can cast your vote on a session, for or against.

    The event organizers can turn on the feature by editing the event and clicking on the "pre-event voting" checkbox. This will turn it on for the entire event all at the same time. The attendees will see two buttons a "+1 vote" and a "-1 vote" to cast their vote on the session (one vote per session per user). These votes will show up just above the comments.

  • Next up is the XML import for event information. This new feature allows event administrators to import their session information (talks, social events, etc) in as a structured XML file. The custom format is simple to use and makes things *so* much easier than adding in your talks one-by-one. The XML structure is validated before it's fully imported, so you're sure you've got the right format.
  • Time zone corrections - One of the things the site has fought with since it started was trying to figure out the whole timezone fiasco. So what's the problem? Well, when events are scheduled for November 15th, that's not necessarily going to be based on the site's system time. So, I had to figure out a good way to calculate the differences. I decided on a (less flawed than before) method using the UTC offset to calculate the time difference. As a result, when you set up an event, you need to select the timezone offset for the area it'll be held in.
  • And finally, another handy one for event admins - event-based claim management. Previously, when a user submitted a claim on a talk, they had to wait for me to get in there and approve the claim. Now the admins of the event can do it themselves, making the response time faster and making it easier to manage the talk claims across the whole site. Event administrators will receive an email with a link to the page every time a claim is submitted.

That's it for now - there's tons of other great stuff coming up (check it out) so keep checking back for more great features to come!

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A Great Year of Conferences!

As 2009 starts to draw to a close (I can't believe it's November already) I wanted to take a look back at some of the great conferences and feedback has seen. We're just a bit over a year old ourselves and have loved the community support we've gotten from both the users and organizers of the site!

Here's a few stats from conferences this year:

  • The php|tek 2009 conference in Chicago, IL brought in 105 comments on a wide range of talks
  • The CodeWorks conference came in at 175 comments combined in all of the tour's seven cities.
  • This year's ZendCon conference was a great success and ended up with 181 comments from attendees
  • Finally, the PHP North West 2009 conference topped the list with 212 comments from those that attended!

Thanks to the effort of Keith Casey, the unconference/pre-voting method of posting sessions was a great success for both the php|tek and ZendCon conferences this year! More features for this kind of thing are coming, so conference organizers, keep your eyes open!

Finally, I wanted to let you all know about the latest status of this site's code. During the initial development of the project, I was hacking away on the code myself but it's time for that to change. I've posted the source for the website over on github to encourage Open Source development. If you'd like to check it out, head over and clone (or just watch) the project and get an idea of the things to come!

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Bug Fixes, A New Feedback Type and Speaker Profiles

As conference season gets into full swing (well, for the PHP community at least) I've been working more and more on updating and making the site better and better. I've been fixing smaller bugs and adding new features to make the site work better over all. Here's just a few:

  • Corrected a bug in how the averages were being calculated to round more correctly.
  • Added actual comment to the email a speaker receives when a new comment is added to one of their talks.
  • Caching Twitter results for the events to get rid of some of the warnings the site was seeing.
  • Cosmetic changes for the speaker and event admin pages

There's two more new features, one that's included in the site now and one that's almost there and will be finished soon: a new "event related" section under each event and Speaker Profiles.

The Event Related feature allows for event organizers to define things (like "Facilities" or "Wifi") that are related to the event and let the attendees rank and comment on them too. This opens a whole new world of feedback options to the organizers, meaning that it's not just about rating the talks anymore - they can get your feedback on anything! If you look at an event (like the PHP North West 2009 event happening right now) you can see the new "Event Related" tab under it. In there you'll see how they've defined the facilities and refreshments for ranking. These work just like any other talk. General event comments can still be left on each event's page, but this just lets you get a bit finer grained.

Now, for the Speaker Profiles - the idea behind this one is to have a more centralized place where speakers can keep their information and let other groups (either those organizers using this site or outside groups) pull the information the speaker wants to share about themselves. Take Derick Rethans, for example - say for events on, he wants to share just a photo and a bio for his speaker profile. He'll go in and set up his information and define which pieces of information he wants to share. There's also the ability to define a "key" he can give a group that will let them pull only the information defined by that key. Hopefully it'll give the speakers and organizers a much easier way to get speaker information than having to bug them with emails.

So there you have it - some smaller fixes and two great features (one coming soon to a near you!) Keep an eye out here for more great improvements to come!

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Back in the Saddle Again

Wow, things have been busy...I know, I know. It's really not a good excuse, but I've been a slacker and haven't worked on the site as much as I've wanted to. Little excuses mound up into big ones and one thing leads to another and - well, you get the idea. No more!

That's enough of that - PHP conference season is getting back into full swing and there's no excuse for not getting back into the site. With great conferences like CodeWorks (PHP's very own traveling road show) and the PHP North West conference, there's plenty of great conference action coming your way.

Speaking of CodeWorks, if you're attending or speaking at one of the stops, you'll be happy to know that the full, updated schedule has been posted for each of the cities!

If you're speaking, be sure to claim those talks! If you're attending, hit that "I'll be there" button at the top to share your plans with others.

So, keep an eye on, there's good things coming. Work is going to start back up and new features will be coming soon!

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Going to php|tek? Share Your (Unconference) Thoughts

This year's php|tek conference is less than a week away and the speakers are getting slides ready and making final touches to them in preparation. The main session are all set (and have been for a bit now) but there's another opportunity that several others are taking advantage of that happens after the main sessions each day - the unconference.

So, what's interesting about an unconference, you ask? Well, Keith Casey used it to find a novel use for - asking for feedback on unconference suggestions before the conference. As sessions are sent to him and added to the list, visitors (those that are attending or not) were invited to add feedback on the topics, showing which one they'd like to see most. There's nineteen listed as of the time of this post and around thirty comments between them.

It's an excellent way to get feedback on what people want to hear and has surprised me on how effective it's been so far. So, if you're planning on attending php|tek, get your vote in on which sessions you'd like to hear (and maybe suggest your own!)

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All is (Not) Quiet on the Front

What? What's that you say? You think the project is losing steam because there haven't been many updates announced recently? Well, that's just because there's things afoot you don't know about.

We've been diligently at work on a rewrite on a chunk of code (thanks to a certain intern from Ibuildings) that will make a dramatic change in how things will work around here. This one's for you speakers and conference managers - here's the scoop:

First, for the speakers: there is going to be a new "Speaker Profile" feature of the site that will provide a central resource for any conference to grab your details from. No more having to copy and paste the same information over and over. All you'll need to do is specify what information you want to share and hand them the code. The API will do the heavy lifting and use the code to had out only the information you've selected.

Speakers, you'll also be happy that we're adding in "instance" support for the talks. For example, you have this one talk - you know the one - that you really like but you feel it could use some tweaking. You made adjustments and change it a bit for the next event. With the new system, the talk comments will follow the instance of the talk, not just the single talk. That way you'll be able to relate comments directly to which conference you gave it at.

Now, for those putting on the conferences, not only will the API give you remote access to the conferences you're an admin for, but it will also allow you to grab the information about a speaker (with their permission/code of course) but also information about them - what talks they've given, what events they've been at.

Things are afoot, my good friend...stick with us just a bit longer and you'll get to see the fruits of our labor. You'll love it - we promise.

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The Twitter Speaker Slide (or More New Features on!)

Just in time for PHP Italia 2009 a few new features have been added to the site. They're nothing fancy, but they are things we feel will help to make using the site a better experience. Here's the list:

  • The first is a simple little something, but I felt that it added some value for those attending - showing speakers in the "attending" list. Now you can easily see which of the people in the "I'm attending!" list are going to be on deck and speaking.
  • Next up is something that was mentioned back when we first added hashtag support - Twitter integration. Thanks to a quick and easy interface to their search API, there is now a new sidebar area to show tweets with the event's hashtag in them (see PHP Italia for a good example). If no one's talking about it yet, no tweets will be shown
  • Finally, an most importantly, I've gotten this request from a number of speakers - a place to link to their slide. Now if you edit your claimed talk (you did claim your talk, right?) you'll notice a field for a slides link. Just drop your link in there and it'll be added to the summary information for your session. Its just a simple link for now with better integration with services like slideshare coming down the line.

So there we go...a few more new features to a site that's quickly growing to be one of the more popular direct event feedback sites out there. As always, if you have any suggestions on what we can do better around here, please don't hesitate to let us know and we'll get back to you.

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Getting the word out: Vote us up on Digg!

Just like any good Web 2.0-ish site these days, I submitted this site over on Digg in their "Industry News" category (yeah, I know it's not a good fit, but it was as close as I could get - the post is about the launch of the site).

So, without further ado, here's the button to add a digg of your own for it.

If you're so inclined, we'd definitely appreciate a little Digg-click love to help us get the word out!

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Save the Date! Statistics Are Great! (Yeah, it's lame, I know)

It's update time again and I have two new things to share - first up is a feature to help you keep track of the conferences/events you're seeing here on the site. We've added a little "Add to Calendar" link to each event's main page that feeds its details right back into your local calendaring software. It's just a standard ical format, so its flexible to work with anything that supports it.

The second thing I wanted to mention (this is the one I'm really excited about) is the amount of use this site is getting. It's easy to only think about your comments for the events you've gone to but there's lots more going on. Here's three events that have had some great talk comment turnouts:

  • PHP Quebec 2009 has had almost 20 talk comments with more coming in all the time
  • PHP UK 2009 saw 62 comments from its day-long series of talks
  • And last, but definitely not least, PHP North West 2009 currently sits proudly on top with over 160 talk comments from its attendees is exploding and we thank both those making the comments and the people putting the events on. We love that we've become a good tool to connect you guys and will definitely be here to help even more in the future!

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Movin' Right Along (Popular Posts, User Feeds & ZendCon '08!)

Alright guys and gals, it's time for a few new updates that have been made to the site. Here comes the list:

  • We've added a new sidebar to the blogs page that links to some of the other popular posts we've made here. Hopefully this will help more people find more of what they're looking for in their search for bloggy goodness.
  • Next up, we've added feeds for individual users that have lists of their talks (if they're a speaker) and comments they've made on the site. You can get to the feed in one of two ways, either via the url or with their user ID. I'm going to pick on Derick Rethans a bit here because he was one person who wanted something like this. You can either use their username, like, or you can use their user ID:
  • And, last, but definitely not least - the talks for the Zend/PHP Conference & Expo 2008 have been posted! That's right...the confernece where the idea for was spawned has finally been added! So, if you were there, head over and rate some of the talks or just leave some general feedback.

Stay tuned - we've got some really great stuff coming up including iCal integration, speaker "badges" they can put up on their site and expanded speaker profiles!

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Check it out, Claim your talk!

One thing that's been a bit of a sticking point since this site got going was speakers claiming their talks. Its been a bit of a difficult, manual process to send out the codes that the speakers needed to lay claim. That's a thing of the past now, though - there's a new kid in town (and he looks a lot like a little orange button).

You speakers out there, listen up - here's the new process:

  • Step one: log in to the site if you're not already
  • Step two: go to yout talk
  • Step three: click the "Claim this Talk" button
  • Step four: Wait for the approval email

You have to agree, much simpler! The only reason your request needs approval is to prevent someone else from claiming your talk. We want to be sure you get all of the credit that's due to you and have everything all linked up.

The code system is still in place for those that want to use it. If you're a conference organizer, you might still want to use the codes/claim links for your speakers in their acceptance email. If you want more info on how that works, send us a note and ask us how.

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In my best Mr. Burns voice..."Excellent"

There's been some cool new developments that have been happening with the site lately - here's just a few

  • Thanks to those handy "I'm attending" buttons that come with each conference, you can see who else will be there too. Go into the event's details and click on the "Show" link for a nice slide down list of other users that'll be there.
  • You can also check out the user detail pages and see, at a glance, which of the events that person has been to and will be at in the future!
  • More and more conferences are getting added every day and it's good to see non-PHP submissions in there too! Two events - the Transparency Camp in Washington, DC and PyCon have joined the list of great conferences already on the site.

Also, a big shout out to the guys putting on this year's Dutch PHP Conference - thanks for all you're doing to promote the site and get some good user input.

As always, if you have or know of an event that's not listed on the site and want to get the word out, go over to the submissions page and send in that info!

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Latest Additions - Site Links and Hashtags

So, we forgot something obvious when the site was in development - a link back to the website for the conference. Seems like a pretty standard thing to include, doesn't it? Well, little things slip through sometimes. Luckily, we've corrected the problem and have added in the ability to have a link (or multiple links) for the event listing.

While I was in there, I also added another handy bit of functionality - hashtag support. (For those that aren't sure what hashtags are, check out for the full scoop). Adding these tags in gives attendees to your conference a more central tagging to use on Twitter. These link directly to the hastags page for each of the given tags.

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Welcome to the shiny new!

As you can see, there's been a few changes happening around here - with the biggest being our look!

With some help from a fellow PHPer and designer Jan Sorgalla the site got an overhaul both in the looks department and in some of how it works behind the scenes. He gave up some of his time to the cause and turned out this most excellent result. Here's a few of the new features:

  • Events now have icons to represent them - this can be a logo or anything else you choose to represent your event
  • Finding events is even easier - with a better interface and calendar-based navigation, you can better see what's happening when
  • The "I'll be there" buttons - while this was in the previous version, this new design makes them even easier to use
  • Claiming talks is simpler - no more having to get a code, log in and submit it. The new method uses links to do the work so its as easy as a click

We're constantly working on things here, so check back for new information on the latest updates to the site. You can also follow along on twitter by following joindin.

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Welcome to!

So, yes - I finally got around to adding a blog so that you can keep track of the latest updates around here. As new features and updates to the site are made, I'll report about them here.

For now, here's a brief summary of what this site is all about: The idea for was tossed around between myself and Keith Casey (now a part of Blue Parabola) after the ZendCon 2008. At that conference, paper slips were handed out to each attendee for each of the talks to give their feedback. The general idea was that they'd rate the speaker and give them constructive comments about their presentation. These were collected and put together in a box somewhere (I guess) and pushed onto some group to go through them and summarize their contents.

This apparently took a little too long for some tastes and the ZendCon speakers were getting a little anxious to get some feedback. We knew there had to be a better way. That better way came out the other side as

The point of the site is to provide speakers (and organizations putting on conferences) immediate feedback on the talks and events they have scheduled. You can comment on each event and on each talk individually inside of it.

New features are being added every day like the "I was there" for events you attended and and API to let you interface directly with our systems (and possibly integrate it with your own conference website).

Stay tuned for more great features to come and, as always, if you have any suggestions about features you'd like to see of bugs you might have noticed, leave a comment below or let me know!

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