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Techademy QA trainingday (September 2012)

Techademy QA trainingday (September 2012)

Noxlogic HQ

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During this training day, full focus will be put on Quality Assurance. With a workshop on PHPUnit by Joshua Thijssen and a workshop on Jenkins by Stefan Koopmanschap, you'll get all the tools to assure a high quality in your project's codebase.

24.Sep.2012 at 08:30 by pvankouteren (110 comments) (Feedback)

The room in which the workshop was held was clean and okay (and enough parking space outside!) The only minor thing about it was that most of the people were looking sideways to the projected screen. Also because the projected screen was on the right side of the wall, people sitting on the right side were blocking the view for people behind them.
Would be great if we could have turned the tables such that we were in front of the projected screen and place people in such a way that blocking views are minimized.

24.Sep.2012 at 13:04 by ricardo21 (3 comments) (Feedback)

I found this workshop very practical which is very good.
The material given was clear to understand. The only enemy is time so we all have ended up with a running environment.

@Stefan; Stefan thank you for help, you did not stopped (after the workshop hour) untill I had my environment (in Windows) up and running.

So now I can setup projects in GIT and work with Jenkins.
Quite handy I think...

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