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The PHP Master Series Vol 1.

The PHP Master Series Vol 1.


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See six of the best PHP conference sessions presented for you in a single live, on-line event, as Day Camp 4 Developers presents The PHP Master Series Volume 1.

21.Dec.2012 at 14:41 by adamculp (115 comments) (Feedback)

Great job at organizing Cal. Enjoyed the event, and loved the speakers and topics.

21.Dec.2012 at 14:42 by cordoval (90 comments) (Feedback)

my best camp so far, i liked Ryan's talk and Lukes the most

also IRC was amazing

i think it is nice to have more time for questions

and even a session that is more hands on

21.Dec.2012 at 14:53 by jelrikvh (19 comments) (Feedback)

The audio and video were more than fine. I had one hiccough during Lukes talk, and of course the End Of World announcement from the nice lady, but that was just a good laugh. We were almost instantly up again, so good job there.

This is definitely something I would recommend to other PHP devs. It's easy, quick, hygienic and, of course, fun.

21.Dec.2012 at 14:57 by ehogue (181 comments) (Feedback)

Awesome event again. Thanks Cal for making this. Great line up of speakers.

21.Dec.2012 at 15:43 by lukestokes (34 comments) (Feedback)

Really great conference, Cal. This went really well, and I hope you do many more of them. I'm glad I was able to attend the entire thing because I learned a ton. And yes, next time I'll have a recording ready in case the live-demo gods aren't my friend. :)

21.Dec.2012 at 17:10 by manzwebdesigns (25 comments) (Feedback)

Cal, I am really looking forward to your next conferences. The take-away was huge for me and all the ppl who gave me feedback are definitely interested in doing this again.

22.Dec.2012 at 03:22 by rdohms (140 comments) (Feedback)

Cal, thanks for putting this together. As a speaker i have never gotten so much feedback from a talk, that is really good. Hanging out in IRC was great and the conference went without a hitch, at least none that could have any negative influence on my memories of it. Great job!

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