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CodeConnexx 2013

CodeConnexx 2013

07.Nov.2013 - 09.Nov.2013
Hotel Van Der Valk

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CodeConnexx is a two day one track conference where every second talk is a life skill talk, and every second talk is technical.

As we know, choosing a career as a coder comes with its own sets of life challenges, and we want to talk about those too. In short, this conference is a different kind of conference, as it connects those two pieces of the puzzle together in one event.

Hosted by PHPWomen in the city of Maastricht, Netherlands.

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Michelle SanverLineke Kerckhoffs-Willems

09.Nov.2013 at 17:59 by Jeroen de Jong (125 comments) via api (Feedback)

Loved the combination of life- and tech skills, the great hotel and atmosphere. The scavenger hunt was really fun and a great way to meet new people. I did not mind traveling all the way to Maastricht and would be happy to do so again next year!

10.Nov.2013 at 15:34 by daniellesuurlant (15 comments) (Feedback)

I had a great time! The focus on soft skills in addition to tech skills gave the conference a more friendly, relaxed atmosphere. I actually felt at home at CodeConnexx! Not to mention the food was amazing. Maastricht is a long way to travel for many, but I'd say it's worth it. I hope to attend again next year!

10.Nov.2013 at 17:35 by PHPetra (90 comments) (Feedback)

I thought the conference really had the community feel! Great atmosphere and people; everyone was very friendly and welcoming. A good mix of talks and speakers; we do need more talks on the so called "soft" skills.
Although I did not feel like scavenger hunting beforehand, it really was very nicely done and I even ended up really enjoying it. Made a bunch of new friends as well.

The venue was top notch! Helpful and friendly staff who also seemed to enjoy the scavenger hunt ;-)
Truly terrific food!

11.Nov.2013 at 13:31 by erikaheidi (31 comments) (Feedback)

CodeConnex was a very unique conference for me. The mix of soft and technical talks made the event more "human" and the one-track style made us feel more connected, a friendly and cozy atmosphere. I really liked the room organization with tables instead of rows of chairs.

A big extra point for the venue. Loved the hotel, the food was amazing and the place was all really cool, comfortable and well-maintained, with a friendly staff.
Had so much fun in the scavenger hunt!

I'm looking forward to the next edition =)

11.Nov.2013 at 23:56 by Caroganet (32 comments) (Feedback)

Very luxurious high quality hotel. Enjoyed the meals, the good service and the conference room. Only downside were the chairs (totally not comfortable, especially not for three entire days!) and the rude personal who kept messing with the microphones...

Talks were very well balanced, between hard and soft skills. I've attended the workshopday as well and would recommend others to do so next time!

Shave a sheep should be mandatory to every conference's social!
Until next time!

12.Nov.2013 at 17:24 by ijansch (72 comments) (Feedback)

I have to admit that at the start of the conference I was a bit skeptical of its amount of attendees but it turned out into an intimate conference where everybody mingled. Enjoyed most of the talks, although some were quite specific. Given that there's no alternative track, it was either sitting through the less applicable ones or skipping a session. But that's a minor issue in an otherwise well run conference!

Oh and I don't like these very long raffles where 30 prizes are raffled. It takes ages. Phpbenelux does this too, other conferences I haven't seen this at. Isn't it more exciting to have three big prizes than 30 individual small prizes maybe?

Food was great, hotel was great. A little more central location would be handy (and might convince more people to come)

12.Nov.2013 at 17:59 by santik (1 comments) (Feedback)

For me there were not enough tech talks. There were not discussions about complicated issues. But I was really enjoyed with general talks about "better developer" and "advises from everyone".
Thanks for event!

13.Nov.2013 at 17:02 by jeroen.boschman (2 comments) (Feedback)

I enjoined the intimate atmosphere, the talks, the venue and the great organization. I really liked that the talks handled some “softer” topics. There is a website or online video for every technical subject you can think of, but the less-technical subjects are harder to come by. I will definitely be there next time.

15.Nov.2013 at 11:32 by Anonymous (Feedback)

Great conference with a nice mix of topics.
It was well organised, the hotel was nice and the food was really good. It would have been nice to have had times on the schedule but being a small conference that wasn't too much of an issue.

Thanks for all the hard work, I had a great time!

15.Nov.2013 at 11:34 by loonytoons (84 comments) (Feedback)

Lol, that last comment was mine, I didn't mean to leave it anonymously

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