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29.May.2015 - 30.May.2015
Belgrade fair, Hall 4

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About the Conference
Inspired by the well-known SOLID acronym, SOLIDay conference is the first conference in Serbia and region, which is dedicated solely to object-oriented programming principles, design patterns, software architecture and best programming practices.

Some of the most prominent international PHP experts and professionals will talk about various parts and aspects of this vast programming domain, by stating facts, advices and showing practical examples. Conference is primarily intended to developers, who want to expand, improve or simply refresh their knowledge about this important aspect of the PHP programming language.

SOLIDay will be held on May 30th in a pleasant Hall 4 conference room of the Belgrade Fair (Serbia).

About the Organisers

PHP Srbija (PHP Serbia) is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit association which gathers PHP experts and enthusiasts, with the goal of popularization PHP programming language itself, as well as sharing knowledge and experiences among the community of PHP developers in Serbia.

31.May.2015 at 22:19 by nikolaplejic (66 comments) (Feedback)

Once again, the good folks from PHP Serbia organized an amazing event. Just based on the speaker list alone, it was obvious that this lineup would put many other, more popular PHP conferences to shame. I think the amazing turnout confirms they've done a great job. Looking forward to the next one!

01.Jun.2015 at 09:44 by robertbasic (97 comments) (Feedback)

The conference was very well organized, the lineup was great and I especially liked that the organizers were focusing on the attendees as well, not just on the speakers, asking around if everything is OK.


This is the only track on conference.
10 sessions
Full day workshop with Mathias Verraes: Domain-Driven Design in PHP
1 sessions

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