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PHPSW: Testing, August 2015

PHPSW: Testing, August 2015


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In August we're hosting a night of talks about testing.

Afterwards we'll head to the pub, The Apple if it's sunny, Horts if it's not!


We're always looking for speakers and talk ideas, so if you're interested, let us know on

Keep an eye on for details of future events.

13.Aug.2015 at 11:11 by Asgrim (280 comments) (Feedback)

PHPSW is a great user group as always, and I enjoy meeting friendly folks. Different social venue afterwards each time is good IMO (but mainly because there's lots of variation in pubs in the area), and sponsored drinks & food are a nice touch.

16.Aug.2015 at 20:52 by roy (2 comments) (Feedback)

Great event, interesting talks and good atmosphere, my first time in attendance at PHPSW and will not be my last.

16.Aug.2015 at 22:11 by abn (3 comments) (Feedback)

A very good clarification on common used testing terms such as mock, dummy, spy, etc. and their specific definition in the first talk by Dave.
And a perfect introduction to the PHPSpec and very useful tips of its dos and don'ts in the second talk by Marek.

Thank you both, thank you PHPSW :)

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