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Symfony Live 2011 - San Francisco

Symfony Live 2011 - San Francisco

08.Feb.2011 - 09.Feb.2011

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Sensio Labs is proud to announce the "Symfony Live 2011" conference, San Francisco edition. It will take place on February 8-9th. The conference will be held in English.

The Symfony Live Conference 2011 is a unique opportunity to meet the Symfony community, talk with the Symfony core team, and share your experience with the framework.

In addition to the conference, Sensio Labs is going to organize a free "hacking" week-end on February 5-6st.

If you live in Europe, consider joining us for the Symfony Live Conference 2011 in Paris, France. It will take place on March 2-5th (English).

To get the latest news about the conference, follow us on Twitter. If you tweet about the conference, consider using the official hashtag: #sflive2011.

09.Feb.2011 at 18:56 by stefan (400 comments) (Feedback)

An excellent conference, impressive schedule and very nice atmosphere. Location was very good, lunch was awesome (good vegetarian stuff!).

Only downside was the left projector not working well (the elephpants turned green!) and the wi-fi on the second day. Not sure what happened there because the wi-fi was fine on the first day, but the second day it was hardly usable.

All in all: awesome conference!

10.Feb.2011 at 00:20 by avalanche123 (16 comments) (Feedback)

This has been a great conference!!! So many smart people, so many new things. I'm convinced that Symfony2 will give a new birth to PHP and will attract more solid developers from other languages too!
The organisation was great, the talks were awesome!
This was my first time speaking at a conference ever and I really enjoyed it, thank you all!

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