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ConFoo Montreal 2017

ConFoo Montreal 2017

08.Mar.2017 - 10.Mar.2017
Hotel Bonaventure

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ConFoo is a long-running conference dedicated to best practices in web development. This annual tradition is multidisciplinary, including such topics as PHP, Ruby, Java, Python, UX, project management, mobile, and whatever else is new and trending. This is not just a local thing. Our speakers travel from across the globe to give more than 100 one-hour presentations.

Want to go deep with a personalized approach? Sign up for training.

While the conference gives you informative overviews of multiple web development ideas, our training lets you dive deep into a single topic for two full days. There will be no sitting back and dozing. These are hands-on sessions with a trainer-to-attendee ratio that guarantees personal attention. Bring your laptop!

All the training happens on March 6-7, 2017, immediately preceding the conference, so you can go to both.

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Yann Larrivée
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