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DEFCON 201 — September 2017 Meet Up & Mapathon

DEFCON 201 — September 2017 Meet Up & Mapathon

15.Sep.2017 - 15.Sep.2017

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Finally our BIG workshop project will be our own instance of Open Street Map! We are going to include on our instance all the working pay phones, power plugs, cyber cafes, Bitcoin ATMs and more!

We need your help to map it!

The entire Mapathon we plan on doing inside however weather permitting we will use vehicles and separate into two smaller GPS mapping teams, one for Hoboken and one for Jersey City, to do some exploring and testing of the payphone systems data to include on the maps!

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SOCIAL EVENT Meet & Greet & GPG Key-Signing Party (07:00)
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TALK Social Engineering: A Primer (07:40)
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TALK API Vulnerabilities and Blast Radius of Microservices (07:50)
Tom Czarniecki
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TALK How the World Crumbles Beneath Our Feet (08:00)
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KEYNOTE Intro to Open Street Map (08:20)
bhousel, Sidepocket (Back Up)
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WORKSHOP DEFCON 201 Open Street Maps Project (08:30)
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